Cell Voltage Pickups – Customised cell contacts for electrochemical systems

In view of cell spacing of less than 1 millimetre in modern fuel cells, cell contacting poses a particular challenge. Furthermore, the different designs of the fuel cell stacks, whose bipolar plates provide different contact surfaces for harnessing the potential. For this reason there is no standard contacting unit. A CVP is basically an individual development, tailor-made for the electrochemical stack you use.

However, there are standardized components of the technology. An example are the contacts, which can be grouped into pin, spring or tab contacts. SMART TESTSOLUTIONS has specialized in spring-loaded contacts. These have advantages in terms of service life. With spring-loaded contacts, a distinction is made between one-sided and two-sided solutions. Which type of contact is used essentially depends on the design of the cell stack.

All CVP solutions are characterized by their small footprint and reliable contact properties, especially in mobile applications. Added to this is a design that makes installation as simple as possible. Every stack is different. We will develop the right CVP for you.

Cell contacting types on fuel cells at a glance.

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