Single-Cell | A-Bend | VP-Lock | 2.350 | Test Bench

Cell Voltage Pickup

Cell sensing: Single Cell SC (1C)
Contact design: 0.5 mm spring wire with 1/2 A-shape
Contact bearing: In PCB on one side with redundant contact pin
Locking type: Vertical-Pressure-Lock
Contact pitch min.: 2.350 mm
Pinhole/ Geometry: Pinslot V-shaped, 0.8 mm depth
Bipolar plate material: Graphite
Connection type: Flexcard
Benefits (USP): Direct mechanical and electrical connection to the CVM (R3)
Application: Zero series vehicles, automotive
Enclosure material: Aluminium, deep anodising
Interesting: First CVP solution from SMART-TESTSOLUTIONS in 1997.

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