Cell Voltage Monitoring (CVM)
for series applications

Like all SMART TESTSOLUTIONS test systems and solutions, our CVM systems for monitoring fuel cells and electrolysers are modular in design and tailored to our customers' requirements. The systems for series application are characterized by high robustness in continuous operation and are tested according to the standards applicable in the respective field of application.

The components of the overall system such as contacting and mounting elements as well as the number of channels of the monitoring electronics vary depending on the nature of the DUT and the area of application.

Application Areas

  1. Automotive

    Our CVM systems for use in cars and trucks are approved for series production in accordance with automotive standards. These include LV 124 and DIN EN 60068, and an EMC test is also carried out in accordance with CISPR 25.

  2. Marine

    Leading marine and naval equipment suppliers have relied on our CVM systems for years, with new ones are being added all the time. Our systems for use in ships and submarines are tested to MIL standards.

  3. Electrolysis

    In electrolysers, our CVM systems contribute to system safety by monitoring the voltage in the cells. An explosion-protection version with ATEX certification is available on request.

  4. Aviation

    Fuel cell drives are also increasingly being developed and tested in aviation. Since passenger safety is the top priority when flying, the most exacting standards have to be met.

  5. Railway

    For rail vehicles, we also offer customised systems that meet the relevant industry standards. Our CVM systems provide valuable information for the operation of the drives and thus enable the longest possible service life.

CVM system includes mounting elements and cell contacting

For their series applications, we supply our customers with an comprehensive integrated system consisting of monitoring electronics, the corresponding cable harnesses, mounting parts and cell contacting (CVP). Particularly the mounting frame and the cell contacting are individually adapted to the respective customer application.

Components of a series CVM

CVM Modules

CVM G5S measuring module


CVM Accessories

Cell Voltage Pickup


CVM Accessories

Mounting frame


CVM Accessories

Software adaptions


CVM Accessories

Customised Harnesses


CVM Accessories



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