CVM G6S measuring modules

CVM Modules

The G6S CVM solution was specially developed for cell voltage monitoring in series applications. It is scalable, allowing both single cell measurements and voltage measurements across two or four cells. The measurement modules are supplemented by a target market-specific head module, which is equipped with the data interfaces prevalent in the respective target market. The head module also offers additional functions, such as measuring the total stack voltage to check the plausibility of the individual values.

In addition to automotive, SMART TESTSOLUTIONS addresses the marine, aviation and electrolysis markets with the G6S. By using the same measurement modules in all application areas, economies of scale are achieved in production. Compared to the predecessor version G5S, the costs per measuring channel are up to 75 percent lower with the G6S.

The provision of the Profinet Ethernet standard for industrial applications via the correspondingly adapted head module should be of particular interest for use in electrolysers. It enables a direct connection to the process bus system of the electrolyser control systems.

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The CVM G6S module was specially developed for cell voltage monitoring in series applications.

Areas of application in detail:


Rail vehicles

A CVM G6S measuring module has 54 measuring channels. Several modules can be cascaded. A system consists of several measuring modules and a target market-specific head module.

  • Cascadable modules
  • DC measuring range suitable for single-cell, double-cell or quadruple-cell scanning
  • Interference resistance due to internal oversampling and filtering
  • Insulation resistance 1.4 kVDC
  • Time-synchronous acquisition of all cell voltages
  • Operating temperature range -40 ... +105 °C
  • Common toolchain with CVM G5 and CVM G5S
  • Customized adaptations on request