Cell Voltage Simulation IntelliSim

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For the commissioning and testing of cell voltage measurement electronics and FuelCell control units, and in particular for the software testing of such ECUs, it is necessary to simulate cell-specific voltage values. The simulation modules of the MCM IntelliSim series, in conjunction with a master module enable active simulation of a fuel cell stack without the need to integrate a real stack into the test environment.

The modularity and the individual isolation of the channels for each module allow the simulation system to be configured to suit the respective test object. The Intellisim U06AII is designed for the development and testing of fuel cell systems and can be easily adapted to new requirements at any time.

The design was developed for high channel numbers with a focus on a favorable channel price. It follows the successful modular design principle of the MCM Intelliprobe product family for single-cell voltage measurement, which is used worldwide by manufacturers of fuel cell vehicles and their suppliers.

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The IntelliSim U06AII simulation module was specially developed for the cell voltage simulation of fuel cells.

Areas of application in detail:

  • Commissioning and testing of cell voltage measurement electronics
  • Commissioning and testing of fuel cell control units (FCCUs)
  • Software testing of FCCUs.

An IntelliSim simulation module has 6 simulation channels. Several modules can be cascaded.

  • Parallel and fully synchronous output of cell voltage signals.
  • Up to 60 modules with 6 simulation channels per string.
  • Strings can be cascaded for high channel numbers.
  • Remote control via CAN bus for low data rates. For HiL operation an Ethernet interface is offered.
  • Suitable for single cell and block cell simulation.
  • Simulation of bidirectional signals is supported.
  • Outputs are galvanically decoupled and short-circuit proof.
  • Insulation-proof against BUS and supply for system voltages up to 1000 V.
  • Customized adaptations on request