Systematic individualisation with SMART CVM modules


Like all SMART TESTSOLUTIONS test systems and solutions, our systems for monitoring fuel cells and electrolyzers are modular. This allows the construction of customized systems for cell voltage detection and processing. Excellent electrical properties of the modules are a matter of course for us. More than 20 years of CVM experience have gone into the development of the current product family. Depending on the requirements for data volume and speed of data processing, the modules can be operated directly via CAN bus or in combination with a process module via LDVS, EtherCAT or Ethernet.

We supply CVM for research and development and for series production


Four CVM-G5 modules, three of which are plugged together and the front one with the connections for the test leads is slightly offset to illustrate the Lego principle.

Application areas

Use in research and development,
but also in prototypes or very small series

Special features

Very compact design, high degree of modularity.
Measurement possible in the range from -1 to +5V or from -3 to +3V.

Number of measuring channels

With pure CAN operation up to 600 channels,
500 channels with master module.


Long circuit board with a connector at the beginning and many smaller plug contacts for connecting the measuring lines from the fuel cell stack.

Application areas

Use in series production vehicles

Special features

Single-board solution. High robustness in continuous operation.
Cost advantages due to savings on connectors.

Number of measuring channels

230 channels per board.

Detailed information


CVM G5 measuring modules



CVM G5S measuring module



CVM process modules


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