Advantages of our test solutions

Be it actuators, sensors or control units - we know our way around your test objects. With our many years of automotive electronics testing experience, we are the ideal partner to design and implement reliable test solutions for electronic automotive components. You can also benefit from our comprehensive know-how if you are looking for someone who can reliably implement your test system concept. Test system construction and productising are our strengths.

In everything we do, we rely on systematic methodology that has been refined over many years, as well as a wide range of our proprietary I/O components. These can be combined with third-party components according to our customers' needs. Our goal is to provide reliable, highly functional and economical test solutions! SMART TESTSOLUTIONS also provides extensive customer support after system development, during commissioning and ongoing operation.

"Electronic control units have become indispensable components in vehicles. Both the number and the complexity of the functions are constantly increasing. It is therefore all the more important to carry out systematic and comprehensive tests in every phase of the development process. We provide you with optimum support in this regard through smart test tools and test procedures."

Application Areas

  1. Productizing

    We implement your test system designs and ideas, applying our many years of know-how in the development and realisation of test systems. We turn your prototypes into products ready for series production. More information

  2. High voltage systems

    We are experts in testing battery and fuel cell electronics. For example, we build test systems for fuel cell controllers and battery testers for you.

  3. Component testing

    The cradle of SMART TESTSOLUTIONS is in the automotive industry. In the meantime, however, we also support other mobility sectors in developing and setting up test systems for ECU and electronic components.

  4. Electrochemical cells

    Systems for monitoring the cell voltages of fuel cells, batteries and electrolysers. More information

  5. ECU Testing | HiL Systems

    Our I/O modules of the MCM product family cover a wide range of channel types. The aim of the multi-channel concept is low costs per channel.

  6. Test bench measurement technology

    In addition to individual modules, we also offer complete devices for use in test benches. One example is our wheel speed simulation RDG-SIM.