Umlaut relies on battery short-circuit tester from SMART

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Battery short-circuit tester in use in an old warehouse.

Battery systems for electric vehicles are potentially dangerous. If a malfunction leads to a short circuit, this can lead to so-called "thermal runaway". This is a chemical chain reaction that can no longer be stopped after a certain point. Fire or even explosion are the result. Comprehensive tests of a battery's safety devices are therefore important. However, the test capacities in this country are currently still quite limited.

"Especially when a test is needed at short notice during the development phase, it is often difficult to find appropriate test capacities. This is especially true for destructive tests," reports Dr Christian Neidel, Senior Manager eMobility at umlaut in Braunschweig. SMART TESTSOLUTIONS has built a test bench for umlaut that induces external short circuits and then measures the behaviour of the battery and safety devices.

Download the complete case study here and learn everything about the structure and functions of the battery short-circuit tester: Download Case Study umlaut

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