SMART TESTSOLUTIONS expands CVM product family

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MCM SlimMASTER. Picture: Emanuel Zifreund / SMART TESTSOLUTIONS
Picture: Emanuel Zifreund / SMART TESTSOLUTIONS

SMART TESTSOLUTIONS is expanding its product family for voltage monitoring on fuel cells (Cell Voltage Monitoring, CVM) with the SlimMASTER process computer. The device is intended for use on fuel cell test benches or as a mobile diagnostic module.

The Slim Master extends the CAN bus based measurement operation of a CVM system from Smart Testsolutions by complex data analysis functions. It also enables very fast data transfer via Ethernet. The integrated script processing enables a wide range of additional functions in the CVM system without the need for a PC.

The Slim Master operates in a temperature range of -20 to +50 degrees Celsius and, unlike the manufacturer's introduced CVM MasterModule, is not specially protected against water penetration. Therefore, it carries a much lower price tag, the vendor announced. The price includes a real-time operating system with drivers for the measuring modules and the CAN/LVDS and Ethernet protocols, as well as a web server for running the optional CVM app.

The lower price is also made possible by using commercially available connectors and cables. RJ45 connectors are used for the LAN connection, SUB-D for CAN and communication with the IntelliProbe measurement modules, and M8 for the power supply.

In addition, the slim master also has a wide-range voltage input from 7 to 36 volts. A further advantage of the new process module is that it is considerably flatter than the master module and therefore easier to store and transport.

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