LV124 test system comes with test automation platform

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The most important element of the CVM-LV124 tester
of SMART TESTSOLUTIONS remains invisible in the picture:
the test automation framework
SMART Flow. Picture: SMART TESTSOLUTIONS / Emanuel Zifreund

The new LV124 test system from the Stuttgart-based  measurement technology specialist SMART TESTSOLUTIONS covers a large part of the tests specified in the LV124 standard for electrical and electronic vehicle components. The core is the test automation platform "SMART Flow". This comprises a library of standardised functionality modules, which will be gradually expanded.

The development of the test system and the associated software was triggered by the required LV124 testing of the in-house series electronics for monitoring CVM G5S fuel cells. In order to optimally fulfil this task, the new test system has several special features. For example, a high-voltage powersupply unit is integrated as a basis for high-voltage simulations, which can output up to 800 volts. In addition, there are elements for safety and temperature monitoring. Furthermore, the system is optimised for a very high data throughput, which also allows real-time observations. "With the G5S, six DUTs with 170 channels each have to be observed in parallel. Each channel delivers one datum per millisecond. So there is a huge volume of data," explains Wolfgang Neu, Managing Director of SMART TESTSOLUTIONS.

"The most important feature of the LV124 tester is our SMART Flow test automation framework," Neu continues. "SMART Flow" brings so many standardised functionalities in its software library that a broad spectrum of the tests required in the LV124 is covered. The software is developed in Python, a widely used and universal programming language that is easy to read and learn. Ideally, however, the test designer does not have to code at all, but composes and parameterises LV124-compliant test sequences or workflows from existing building blocks.

The architecture of "SMART Flow" is service-oriented, modular and therefore easily expandable as a framework. Furthermore, the software abstracts the device-specific communication with the devices connected to the tester and standardises their programming interfaces. This facilitates the integration of new devices and enables the test designer to define workflows that usually require little or no adaptation after a device replacement.

In addition to testing CVM modules, the LV124 tester from SMART TESTSOLUTIONS is aimed at testing electronic vehicle components in general. For this reason, the test automation platform "SMART Flow" is constantly being expanded.



SMART TESTSOLUTIONS GmbH, based in Stuttgart, is a solution provider for test tasks on automotive control units, electronic systems and renewable energy systems such as batteries and fuel cells. Based on a standard programme of optimised system modules for measured value acquisition, load and sensor simulation, customer-specific system applications are realised. Numerous automotive manufacturers and suppliers use SMART TESTSOLUTIONS' cell voltage monitoring solutions.


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