Relay module 88-channel

The relay matrix TCR2464V2 a total of 88 channels: 64 signal and 24 load channels. Different sensor types can be simulated by on-pluggable modules.

The TCR2464V2 has been developed for use in test systems and automation units. Due to the universal and compact construction, the TCR2464V2 can also be used at the bench for testing and development purposes. With the TCR2464V2 and the expansion modules, a simulation environment for electronic control units can be simulated. Next place the TCR2464V2 as remote-controlled release adapter with fault simulation its application.

  • 64 signal channels to 1 A
  • 24 switch channels to 5 A
  • All channels can be switched at the same time for new test scenarios
  • Each channel can have a ECU pin either on Rails 2 or "free" or to external (real sensor / actuator) switch
  • Both rails have adjustable overcurrent shutdown (0.1A - 2A, 5 A short circuit)
  • Control via CAN
  • Measuring the current and the voltage on the rails
  • Adjustable switch-on
  • 8 slots with 8 channels for optional fitted sensor simulation modules

Number of channels: ≤ 90
Size: 19"-System
Temperature range: 0 ... +50 °C

Operating temperature: 0 ... +50 °C
Storage temperature: 0 ... +60 °C
Relative humidity: 20 ... 65 %
  • Relaisbaugruppe 8-Kanal
  • Sensorsim. PWM 8-Kanal
  • Sensorsim. Spannung 8-Kanal