Automotive ECU Tester

The AT1 Automotive & ECU Tester dynamically simulates and measures configurable automotive signals. It provides an easy means of checking automotive signal profiles and algorithms onboard ECUs. In addition to performing rotational speed simulations, the tester also generates and measures both inductive and digital camshaft and crankshaft sensor signals.

Signal behaviors (data encoder wheels) are programmed and modified either directly on the AT1 or by means of a connected PC. Thanks to its compact design, the AT1 ECU Tester can be deployed both onboard the vehicle and in the laboratory.

  • Four rotary speed simulations and/or measurements of up to 25,000 RPM
  • Four wheel speed sensor simulations and/or measurements of road speeds up to 500 km/h (310 mph)
  • Simulation of ignition duration and injection inter-val for solenoid valves
  • Simulation of type LSU4.2, LSU4.9, and LSM11 oxygen probes 
  • Direct input of lambda oxygen value
  • Generation of two engine speed asynchronous knock sensor signals
  • Dynamic visual and audible feedback of ignition and injector activation
  • Verification of firing order
  • Measurements of analog signals, voltages, and input resistances

Number of channels: ≤ 60
Size: Standalone
Temperature range: 0 ... +50 °C

Operating temperature: 0 ... +50 °C
Storage temperature: 0 ... +60 °C
Relative humidity: 20 ... 65 %
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