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The diagnostic tester is used in OEM quality assurance for a wide variety of automotive control units and components in the areas of powertrain, driver assistance, driver safety and many more. All resources of the tester (500 channels) are routed to a central test adapter interface, to which the item-specific test adapters are connected via the quick-change mechanism.
The complete control of the test sequences is carried out via PROVEtech: TA under a Basic-based script language. The software already includes automatic script and version management of all test object variants and equipment. In order to be able to solve customer queries more quickly, worldwide remote access and remote maintenance have been set up.

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Diagnostics of automotive control units and components (airbag, anti-lock braking system, body controller, electronic ignition lock, engine control)

  • 500 channels with varying degrees
  • Quick-change mechanism for for the device under test
  • Conversion time between two specimens max. 3 min.
  • Control testing over PROVEtech:TA
  • System computers without specific fittings - exchangeable at any time
  • Extendable through modular design
  • Tap important signals to the front
  • Included all major communication buses (eg. CAN, LIN, FlexRay)

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