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SMART TESTSOLUTIONS not only develops its own test systems, we also implement our customers' designs and ideas. In doing so, we take over the entire production process from the procurement of components to comprehensive quality assurance after completion. SMART's own components are often used in the construction of customer systems, but of course we also process third-party components. We almost always manufacture the required cable harnesses and wiring harnesses ourselves, which shortens the assembly times enormously. During the production of the systems, a lot of expertise also goes into the placement of the components and the wiring.

If necessary, we also close gaps in the production specification by re-engineering missing details and supplementing the specification accordingly. Are you looking for a service provider to set up your test system? Then get in touch with us.

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Assystem Germany was looking for a partner for the system construction who was flexible enough to familiarise himself with new technologies and to build systems away from the standard. The partner had to bring in its own know-how and work quickly so that the extremely tight schedule could be met. SMART TESTSOLUTIONS meets these requirements. Today, Assystem and SMART TESTSOLUTIONS are linked by a trusting, successful partnership that is to be further expanded.

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