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DUT-specific test adapters make it possible to test different DUTs with one and the same test system. We develop adaptations specifically tailored to the requirements of our customers. Modern 3D CAD tools are used and the wiring is carried out according to IPC guidelines.

There are different types of DUT adaptations. The simplest is to use a cable harness with the appropriate mating connector. However, these mating connectors have a limited number of mating cycles. Special needle bed adapters, on the other hand, can be reused very often. Several control units can be easily tested one after the other via a special test item receptacle on the test system. The system resource is assigned in the adapter. If another ECU is to be tested, the test adapter is changed and the corresponding software configuration is loaded. Another possibility are adaptations individually tailored to the individual DUTs.

Request Product
  • Use of a test system for several control unit types
  • Connection of a new control unit type to an older test system
  • Wiring according to IPC guidelines
  • The test resource is usually assigned in the adapter
  • Quick-change mechanism for the test object contacting on request
  • Very short changeover times between two DUTs of the same type

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