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The functional testers for durability testing of ECUs in the area object detection - Driver Assistance consists of 4 slots (Subracks). With each insertion two specimens can be served. Each is an independent functional unit and has an internal ARM9-based process control computer, via an individual test sequences can be defined and carried out using the Lua scripting language.

To configure and to monitor the test rig also includes namely an industrial PC, however the subracks operate autonomously. An individual touch-screen user interface is used for configuring before test start and the monitoring of the measured data during the test cycles. Another key component is a custom-developed plug-in module for use MCM-ECU-specific I / O channels and a per candidate controllable low-power constant for starting individual test points. Due to its modular and autonomous structure of each Subracks these stand-alone can be used.

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Endurance testing of control units in the area of object recognition - driver assistance

  • 8-channel fully modular parallel function tester
  • PC independent, long-term stability and real-time compliant test environment
  • Key Component: customized load / measuring assembly
  • Script-based test processes in the language Lua
  • Integrated power supply of control units
  • Built IPC for Test Management and Monitoring
  • For touchmonitor streamlined interface for configuration and monitoring
  • Piece related ECU wiring harnesses

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