Battery Short Circuit Testsystem

Diagnostic function tests

Modular short-circuit test system for battery systems. One special usecase is the test of the fuse elements of battery systems.

The tester is divided into two cabinets. One of them contains only the short-circuit switch and can be operated very close to the DUT, the other the measurement equipment.

The short-circuit switch in the smaller cabinet of the test system simulates the unintentional short-circuit. It is designed for very high currents; for a short time it can carry up to 45,000 amperes, even several times in succession. Placing it in a separate housing has the advantage that the connection paths to the test object, i.e. to the battery system, can be kept very short and thus higher contact resistances can be avoided. In addition, the switch is designed for an extended temperature range so that it can also be operated in a climatic chamber.

The measuring equipment, on the other hand, can be operated in a safe environment a few metres away from the short-circuit breaker and the battery system. The measurement technology measures the voltage and current curves at various points in the battery system – and does so with high precision and very quickly. After all, measurements have to be taken at the speed at which the fuse trips, which is only a few milliseconds. The system has a total of 16 high-resolution analogue measuring channels.

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Short circuit tests of batteries and BMS, exspecially the fuse systems of batteries.

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