Function tester anti-lock brakes

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By functional testers for ABS ECUs individual function modules of control unit hardware can be tested. To this end, various simulation and measurement technology components from the MCM family of products are installed in the test system. Special loads can be connected via an additional load connector. If the built-in measurement and stimulation channels are not sufficient, additional modules can be upgraded.

A standalone ARM9-based process computer allows complete control of the test sequences using the scripting language LUA. These scripts are provided with basic knowledge of scripting easy to create MCM PROCESS Studio under the development environment. Made available prepared script modules that can be used in the endurance testing later.

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Test of individual functional modules of the hardware of ABS control units

  • 50-channel function tester
  • Expandability
  • Signal tapping on honeycomb field
  • PC independent, own, long-term stability and real-time compliant test environment
  • Key component: Signal and fault simulation module
  • Signals can be switched to 2 FailRail
  • script-based test sequences (LUA)
  • Built IPC for Test Management
  • Piece related ECU and load wiring harnesses

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