Automatable individual systems

We simulate for you! For rotating systems from simple incremental simulators to complex wheel speed simulations for intelligent Hall sensors.

Our speed tools include stand-alone versions of our speed simulators for continuous and gapy encoder wheels. Suitable for laboratory operation or rough test bench operation. Simulation of speed translations? No problem! All our products are extremely fail-safe and durable. Rely on decades of SMART experience in speed simulation, sensor simulation and load simulation. Contact us!

Wheel speed simulation RDG-SIM

The RDG-SIM simulates parallel up to four wheel speed sensor. All conventional wheel speed sensors are programmable and can be completed by analog signal driver.

The RDG-SIM is available both as a single device in a desktop housing and as a 19-inch assembly.

  • Available as a single device in a table housing and as a 19-inch assembly
  • Four independent channels simulation
  • Simulation of wheel-speed sensors of all current sensor types, from increment sensors to complex sensor types that work with PSI5 signals
  • Target of constant speeds and speed ramps
  • Simulation until 300 km / h
  • Up to 300 teeth per revolution
  • Adjustable wheel circumference between 1 and 2.5 m
  • Channel outputs individually switched off
  • Standard simulation: Indicates the typical behavior of the selected sensor type, and supported by the real sensor error codes again

Virtual encoder ISIM-G2

ISIM-G2 integrates multi-channel rotary encoder simulation and an angle trigger generator for the operation of electronic control units on test benches . Based on the signals of an angle encoder attached to the the test bench drive shaft, the device generates the type of angle-and speed-synchronous signal profiles used by modern engine control units.

Crankshaft and camshaft signals are simulated with the correct angular reference from the first input pulse on the drive shaft. The ISIM-G2 can simulate various speed sensors including DG23i. The ISIM-G2 is operated via a modern, web-based interface.

  • Speed ​​generator and trigger signal generator
  • Eight signal lanes, which optionally represent a geometric number wheel with a fixed angle raster or are used as a trigger track
  • Various connection possibilities for sensors and output signals Simulation of various speed sensors including DG23i
  • Simulation of almost any translation ratios
  • Resolution of 0.05 ° camshaft or 0.1 ° crankshaft
  • Available in table housing with 85- 264 VAC power supply, 47 - 63 Hz
  • Available in subrack, alternatively in AC or DC version (9 - 36 V)

Crankshaft / camshaft simulation MS3C

The speed simulation MultiSim MS3C-LAB serves the independent simulation of static, ramp or analog out speed waveforms. Main area of application is the simulation of Kurbelwellen-/Nockenwellen- or industrial incremental encoders. The MultiSim offers this up to 8 parallel digital data tracks, 2 of which represent the course of the inductive encoder signal. In addition, it can be completely remote controlled via CAN and USB.

  • Speed sensor simulation unit in a 19 "desktop enclosure
  • Laboratory apparatus for static and dynamic simulation speed, trigger wheel and sensor analog simulation
  • Speed range 30 .. 6000 1/min.
  • 8 data tracks with 7200 points resolution
  • Ramp function with up to 28 nodes
  • Trigger wheel records read back
  • Full remote control via serial interface, firmware download capability

Program WaveGenerator

Windows program that makes it easy any encoder wheels using a wizard. Programming of any trigger wheel signal shape for the products MS3C and ISIM-G2 in a detailed graphical representation of the encoder wheels with 0.1 ° resolution.

  • Creation of crankshaft and camshaft signals for internal combustion engines
  • Creating start-stop sequences for the start or stop phase of a motor
  • Support of different hardware (MS3C, ISIM-G2)
  • Importing records from, for example, CSV files
  • Exporting Records in example CSV files

Speed measurement DC

Fast speed and torsional vibration measurement for incremental encoders.

  • Digital speed analysis of high resolution encoders to 500 kHz pulse frequency
  • Default speed evaluation of encoder wheels with 1-3600 pulses per revolution
  • Typical measurement delay 3 ms
  • 12 Bit-D/A-Echtzeit-Drehzahlausgang ( 0 .. 5V or 0 .. 10V )
  • Textual display the average speed on a two-line vacuum - flourescent display, even for encoder wheels with synchronous gaps or additional synchronous teeth
  • Suitable for all speed encoder with square-wave signal output ( 3 .. 32V TTL level )
  • Direct connection of inductive and magnetoresistive sensors on optional external 19 " evaluation modules
  • E2PROM setup memory for all the settings
  • 19 "rack unit ( 3U - 21 HP )
  • Power supply module can be configured according to "automotive" DC voltage connection (7- 32VDC )
  • All inputs and outputs are short-circuit-proof
  • Induktivgeber Auswert. 1-Kan
  • Induktivgeber Auswert. 3-Kan
  • Sensorauswertung