CVM process modules

CVM modules

The process modules add numerous functions to the CVM systems from SMART TESTSOLUTIONS. They offer synchronous data rates of up to 400 x 1 kHz per channel via the LVDS bus, a high-speed connection to the PD via Ethernet and bus interfaces (EtherCAT, CAN, GPIO).

The equipment with a dual ARM Cortex A9 @666MHz and freely programmable FPGA (SoC - System on Chip) leaves sufficient reserves even for computationally intensive applications and data processing. The use of a real-time Linux kernel ensures high performance and stability, and the addition of the SMART MCM process library with integrated LUA script interpreter allows user-defined processing of measurement data, for example for alarm events, numerical operations, protocol definitions, triggers, digital I/O and much more.

The price includes a real-time operating system with drivers for the measurement modules and the CAN/LVDS and Ethernet protocols, as well as a web server for running the CVM app.

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The process modules are used when fast data transmission, visualisation and processing are required. The SlimMASTER is optimised for use on fuel cell test benches or as a mobile diagnostic module.

All process modules enable a wide range of additional functions through integrated script processing without the need to integrate a PC.

  • Built-in Real Time IO controller for real-time processing of the measured data
  • Master module with dual ARM Cortex A9 @ 666 MHz and freely programmable FPGA (SoC - System on Chip), Linux runtime system
  • Integrated power supply with wide range input typ. 10 V ... 30 VDC, max. 7 V ... 36 VDC
  • MCM-Process lbrary with integrated LUA scriptinterpreter
  • Free definition of the output logs to master control system for CAN and Ethernet channels
  • Expansion slots for Mezzanine Boards

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