CVM SOFTWARE - Easy to use, good overview

Our CVM software ensures the efficient control and convenient operation of our Cell Voltage Monitoring Systems as well as fast data processing and storage.

The CVM Software CVM Web-GUI stores the measurement data and presents it clearly in tables and diagrams. The modern, web-based user interface can be accessed from any device with a web browser, is intuitive to use and requires no programming knowledge. Up to 420 channels can be massively parallel visualized and recorded, enabling real-time monitoring of the entire stack.

Another option is the user interface MCM-ControlDesk. It is, for example, the tool of choice if, in addition to the modules for voltage measurement on batteries and fuel cells, modules of our MCM product family are also used in the test system.


The web-based user interface of our CVM systems visualizes 420 channels massively in parallel and records the values. This allows real-time monitoring of the entire stack.

The central element of the CVM web interface is a sophisticated dashboard that gives the user an overview of the condition of the entire system at a glance. All relevant operating parameters are included. Once one of them gets out of hand, the user can go into detail by clicking.

Userinterface MCM Control Desk

Over the surface of MCM-ControlDesk, the configuration and operation of the individual MCM-IO modules as well as the visualization of the measured data in CAN only systems.

With the MCM-ControlDesk user interface all measured values and states of the MCM-I/O-Baugruppen can be easily visualized and stored.

  • for CAN only systems
  • Operation and configuration of all MCM-IO modules via a uniform user interface
  • Automatic detection of connected MCM-IO module
  • Limit monitoring of Channels to undershoot and overshoot
  • Export of measured values in CSV files