Intelligent breakout boxes


The TCFS box is an automated disconnect adapter for the hardware function test. It can be used, for example, to automatically test for short circuits between two pins or short circuits after FailRail 1 or 2.

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Automated test of the connection between several pins.

  • Wiring according to IPC guidelines
  • Procurement of required connectors
  • Extensive ECU and test system know-how

MAN's engine test benches in Nuremberg are used to carry out tests during development as well as release tests for new engines. Various variables are measured, exhaust gas values or temperatures, for example. It is often necessary to take a close look at the communication between the engine control unit and the engine and to measure or interrupt individual signals here.

MAN Truck & Bus uses isolating adapters from SMART TESTSOLUTIONS to tap off or interrupt signals. These easily accessible disconnect adapters can be used to carry out various measurements during operation without damaging the original wiring harness.

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