Shunt carrier card 4 channel 25A

Multichannel I/O Modules

The MCM-R04ABS-SHUNT25A shunt carrier card is designed for project-specific applications of current shunts in high current paths, preferably in combination with the MCM-I08AII-BI. 4 Administered shunt values in different designs can this be installed. The max. Current per channel is 25 A, the power supply is done via power terminals, the voltage taps on four-wire technology are available on separate front terminals.

MCM-R04ABS SHUNT25A module is ideally suited to measure the current in the control device channel, such as at power outputs. She is best equipped for use in harsh environments. Application areas include control device tester, component test benches and HIL systems.

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  • ECU Testing / HiL Systems
  • Endurance testing / EOL tests
  • Test bench measurement and control technology
  • Rapid prototyping applications
  • Four administrable current channels
  • Maximum load current 25 A
  • Shuntbauformen DO220 / MSR-3 / MSR-5 / WSL3637
  • 2x optionally, RH-5 / RH-25
  • Load power supply via power terminals type TOP 4GS 6 mm2 with screw
  • Pitch 6.35 mm
  • Messspannungsabgriff via terminals type S2L
  • Pitch 3.5

In cooperation with SMART TESTSOLUTIONS, ZF Friedrichshafen AG has developed a new generation of test stands that is characterised by exceptional flexibility and is easy to configure thanks to a lean script language and special drivers. In developing the system, the partners were able to draw on the existing range of optimised system modules for measured value acquisition, load and sensor simulation, which had a positive impact on costs.

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