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We take your test system into series production

SMART TESTSOLUTIONS not only develops its own test systems, we also implement our customers' designs and ideas. In doing so, we take over the entire production process from the procurement of components to comprehensive quality assurance after completion. SMART's own components are often used in the construction of customer systems, but we naturally also process third-party components. We almost always manufacture the required cable harnesses and wiring harnesses ourselves, which shortens assembly times significantly. During the production of the systems, our renowned expertise also goes into the placement of the components and the wiring.

Supplementing customer specifications

If necessary, we also close any gaps in the production specification by reengineering missing details and supplementing the specification accordingly. Are you looking for a service provider to build your test system? Then please get in touch with us.

Component procurement and worldwide shipping

Once it is clearly established what is needed, we take care of procuring the components for the test system. It is also possible to use SMART's own components. We almost always manufacture the required wiring harnesses and cable sets ourselves, which shortens assembly times significantly. During the subsequent production of the systems, much of our expertise also goes into the placement of the components and the wiring. At the end of the process, there is quality control and - if desired - worldwide shipping.

Productizing Quickly and Simply Explained

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Stefan Fuchs

Reference Project: Setting up HiL Systems for Assystem

"What speaks for SMART TESTSOLUTIONS is the enormous flexibility and speed with which the team always responds to new requirements. SMART has the 'automotive spirit'. They know what matters in the industry."

Dr. Ulrich Alsmann, Director Operations Region Stuttgart Berner & Mattner / Assystem

Case Study Assystem

In 2006, a leading commercial vehicle manufacturer commissioned Assystem to design, build and subsequently operate a modular test landscape for vehicle integration testing. The basic idea for the modular HiL test bench came from the customer. As the operator of the test landscape, Assystem was commissioned to work out the system concept in detail and procure the corresponding hardware. The project lead time was just nine months, so Assystem needed a trusted partner to build the hardware who could deliver quickly and deal with specification gaps. Co-thinking and co-conceptualization were required.

SMART TESTSOLUTIONS was chosen, not just because of its acknowledged experience in setting up such systems, but above all because of its flexibility and willingness to dive deep into the technology. "Our circuit diagrams and signal lists were not in standardized DIN format, but in our own Excel-based format. They contained all the necessary information, but technicians still had to be able to interpret our schematics. SMART quickly got on board with that,” stated Alsmann. “In addition, the SMART production team contributed its valuable experience and creativity, especially when it came to deciding how to plan the installation of components in the housing. Assystem relied substantially on the expertise of the SMART team.”