Mixed-Cell | W-Bend | VP-Lock | 1.630 | Series

Cell Voltage Pickup

Cell scanning: Mixed: 106x SC (1C), 70x DC (2C)
Contact design: 0.3 mm spring wire with W-shape
Contact bearing: In printed circuit board two-sided
Interlocking type: Vertical-Pressure-Lock
Contact pitch min.: 1.630 mm
Pinhole/ Geometry: Pinslot V-shaped, 0.4 mm depth
Bipolar plate material: Graphite
Connection type: Flexcard
Benefit (USP): CVP solution for variable cell pitch
Application: Zero series vehicles, automotive
Housing material: PA12GB
Interesting: Reliable contacting even with extremely low CVP slots. Special geometry of CVP mechanics allows end crimping of stack even after pos. of CVP.

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