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Fifth generation fuel cell voltage monitoring systems come with a whole range of improved features

New and old CVM module from SMART TESTSOLUTIONS in comparison. Bild: SMART TESTSOLUTIONS/Emanuel Zifreund

The latest generation of cell voltage monitoring systems for fuel cells, batteries and electrolysis applications from SMART TESTSOLUTIONS offers an extended temperature range, greatly reduced power consumption and enhanced measurement accuracy. A further highlight is its modern, web-based user interface. SMART TESTSOLUTIONS is the market leader in the field of Cell Voltage Monitoring (CVM).

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Test system provides phase-stable rpm simulation for engine electronics

In the automotive industry, testing of start-stop systems and hybrid drives as well as the trend towards industry 4.0 pose new challenges to testing technology. Smart Testsolutions GmbH (Stuttgart, Germany) counters these challenges with a new generation of its ISIM-G2 test unit for speed simulation and angle-based trigger signal generation. Application areas of the product are test stands for car engines and modern injection systems.

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Fuel cell contacting unit has a height of only 5 mm

The specialist for measurement technology and test systems Smart Testsolutions has developed a cell contact-making unit for the voltage tap on fuel cells, which has a height of only five millimeters. Previous solutions needed space between 35 and 250 millimeters. In addition, the new unit makes complex positioning work on the contacts unnecessary. The unit can be used in stationary test equipment as well as in fuel cell vehicles.

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Smart Testsolutions releases new generation of it’s test software

With the latest release 2.0 of its MCM-Process RT software, Smart Testsolutions is offering numerous new features and functional enhancements. The new release now supports three CAN bus interfaces and has EtherCAT communications capabilities. In addition, the software has been enhanced to better address cell voltage monitoring (CVM).

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SMART TESTSOLUTIONS releases new generation of cell voltage monitoring systems for fuel cells

With the MCM-IntelliProbe German measuring technology specialist SMART TESTSOLUTIONS released a new generation of its cell voltage monitoring systems for fuel cell, battery and electrolysis applications. The new systems are addressing both laboratory and mobile use cases.

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