Successful appearance at the f-cell

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"All in A Box" was the motto of our appearance at this year's f-cell in the Haus der Wirtschaft in Stuttgart. The conference with its adjoining trade fair was well attended, and it was clear that everyone involved was happy to be able to talk to each other in person again.

"In addition to the CVM modules and customised contacting solutions, we have recently started offering integration into the respective stack compartment of the vehicle manufacturers. All components are accommodated in the fuel cell housing", explains Business Development Manager Wajih Wertateni the slogan "All in A Box". There was great interest in this concept and in the SMART product family for cell voltage monitoring on fuel cells. Components that enable the simulation of fuel cells are also of increasing interest to manufacturers. SMART had announced the active cell voltage simulation MCM IntelliSim in the run-up to the fair. Unlike the manufacturer's cheaper passive simulation solutions, which work with resistance cascades, individual cell voltages can be simulated in an electronically controlled and targeted manner.

MCM IntelliSim is an important component of the simulation platform "NovaCarts Fuel Cell featuring SMART-TS MCM" for the validation of fuel cell control units, which SMART presented at the f-cell together with MicroNova. The concept of the HiL system is adapted to the specific test tasks. For example, different electrical loads can be used depending on the test requirements. The modular design and consistent networking of the individual components via real-time Ethernet facilitate subsequent modifications. I/O modules from MicroNova and SMART TESTSOLUTIONS can be used equally to enable optimum results in terms of performance and price sensitivity.

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