Hyfindr Tech Talk provides in-depth insight into a CVM system

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Hyfindr not only operates a marketplace for hydrogen and fuel cell technologies at www.Hyfindr.com, but also a comprehensive knowledge platform. In the "Tech talk" video format, founders Steven Oij and Dr. Björn Lüssow regularly get to the bottom of the benefits and functions of individual products. In issue 33, our CVM expert Dr. Markus Schuster was in the Tech Talk studio and explained the background to our cell voltage monitoring systems.

These are used in electrochemical cells such as fuel cells and electrolysers to measure cell voltages. The benefits include deep insight into the health of the cell stack and the ability to detect critical problems such as frozen cells. Despite initial cost concerns, CVMs are increasingly being used in a variety of applications, helped in no small part by advances in technology and falling costs.

Watch the Tech Talk with Markus Schuster here:

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