SMART TESTSOLUTIONS releases new CVM generation

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Stuttgart, March 2016. With the MCM-IntelliProbe German measuring technology specialist SMART TESTSOLUTIONS released a new generation of its cell voltage monitoring systems for fuel cell, battery and electrolysis applications. The new systems are addressing both laboratory and mobile use cases.

The new system is characterized by a high withstand voltage of 1.4 kV as well as by much smaller dimensions than the forerunner generation. “The isolation resistance is of high importance when multiple channels are to be measured at high voltages”, says Wolfgang Neu, Founder and CEO of SMART TESTSOLUTIONS.

Despite their high isolation resistance, the measurement modules are very small: One module that can handle up to ten channels (and ten corresponding cells) measures just 100 x 30 x 10.5 mm. For its compact size, it can be applied in stationary lab environments as well as in mobile applications such as vehicles or ships alike. If more than ten cells have to be monitored, multiple modules can be combined like Lego bricks. No wiring is required. Thus, the new generation offers much more flexibility and modularity compared to its forerunner with its fixed channel numbers.  

Another feature is the capability to select different measurement ranges; test engineers can chose between a range from -1V to +5V or -3V to +3V – a unique selling proposal, as highlights SMART TESTSOLUTIONS CEO Neu.  

A complete measurement system integrates up to 42 ten-channel voltage monitoring modules, enabling users to concurrently acquire the voltages of 420 channels, a link module to connect to supply and communications lines. The last measurement module includes the bus termination resistances. Data transfer is achieved across a CAN bus.

Also new on offer is the enlargement of the system with the MCM Master Module, which makes available a quick data binding to the PC via Ethernet and other bus interfaces and allows local data pre-processing. Thus the master Module considerably extends the functional extent of the measuring system.

The measurement module MCM-IntelliProbe is very small. Thus it can be used for in-vehicle applications. Source: SMART TESTSOLUTIONS

Who we are

SMART TESTSOLUTIONS GmbH is based in the high-tech location Stuttgart in Germany. From here, around 30 employees develop and distribute intelligent products and services for measuring, testing and simulating. The primary focus of SMART TESTSOLUTIONS is the automotive industry. Here, the company is active with individual components, system solutions and consultancy services.

One product focus of SMART TESTSOLUTIONS is fuel cell monitoring. The Company has equipped the first fuel cell test vehicles in Germany with compact and powerful monitoring electronics. Since then, our product portfolio has continued to grow.


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