SMART TESTSOLUTIONS expands CVM product family with active cell voltage simulation

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Simulation platform for fuel cell ECUs.
Picture: Emanuel Zifreund / SMART TESTSOLUTIONS5S

Stuttgart, 09.09.2021. SMART TESTSOLUTIONS, a leading provider of technologies for cell voltage monitoring in fuel cells, is expanding its product portfolio with the active cell voltage simulation MCM IntelliSim. Unlike the manufacturer's more cost-effective passive simulation solutions, which work with resistance cascades, single-cell voltages can be simulated in an electronically controlled and targeted manner. This is important for example for software function tests in HiL environments.

The IntelliSim modules follow the successful modular design principle of the SMART product family for monitoring the individual cell voltages on fuel cells, which are used by renowned vehicle manufacturers and automotive suppliers worldwide. They are very compact and robust and can easily be plugged together to form a multi-cell stack. Up to 50 modules allow the simulation of 500 individual cell voltages. If two cells are combined at a time, 1000 cells can be simulated (double cell simulation). "By cascading the simulation stacks, even 1,000 or 2,000 simulation channels are possible," adds Wolfgang Neu, Managing Director of SMART TESTSOLUTIONS. According to him, the MCM IntelliSim modules also score points with their particularly attractive channel price compared to solutions previously known from battery simulation.

The MCM IntelliSim modules are complemented by the master module, which as a system extension ensures data rates of up to 1 kHz per channel, a fast data connection via Ethernet or EtherCAT and thus real-time operation of the cell voltage simulation. According to Neu, operation via CAN without a master module may be sufficient for less dynamic applications.

SMART TESTSOLUTIONS at f-Cell Stuttgart 2021
At the f-cell Stuttgart 2021 trade fair, SMART TESTSOLUTIONS will present its complete portfolio in the field of measurement and simulation technology for fuel cells on 14 and 15 September in the Haus der Wirtschaft, Stand 23 in the List Hall. A special focus will be on integrated cell voltage monitoring for series production fuel cell vehicles. "In addition to CVM modules and customised contacting solutions, we recently offer integration into the respective stack compartment of the vehicle manufacturer. All components are housed in the fuel cell housing," reports Business Development Manager Wajih Wertateni.
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Abb. MCM IntelliSim-Module:
[caption] The new MCM-IntelliSim modules are visually almost indistinguishable from the CVM-G5 cell voltage measurement modules. Up to 50 modules can be easily plugged together. One module has 10 simulation channels. Picture: SMART TESTSOLUTIONS/ Emanuel Zifreund


SMART TESTSOLUTIONS GmbH, based in Stuttgart, is a solution provider for testing tasks on automotive control units, electronic systems and renewable energy systems such as batteries and fuel cells. Customer-specific system applications are realised on the basis of a standard programme of optimised system modules for measured value acquisition, load and sensor simulation. Numerous automotive manufacturers and suppliers use SMART TESTSOLUTIONS' cell voltage monitoring solutions.

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