Wheel speed simulation RDG-SIM fit for HiL systems

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The RDG-SIM simulates up to four wheel speed sensors.
The RDG-SIM simulates up to four wheel speed sensors.
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The intelligent wheel speed simulation RDG-SIM from measurement and test system specialist SMART TESTSOLUTIONS can from now on also be used in HiL systems. To make this possible, the supplier from Stuttgart, Germany, has increased the signal transmission of the module, which can simulate all common wheel speed sensor types. The information exchange is still done via CAN bus, so that the RDG-SIM can be integrated into the HiL systems of various manufacturers.

With the RDG-SIM, up to four wheel speed sensors can be simulated in parallel. All common wheel speed sensor types can be represented, from simple incremental encoder sensors to intelligent sensors such as Hall sensors and more complex sensor types. Current levels from 3 to 32 mA, speeds from 0 to 300 kmph and wheel circumferences from 1000 to 2500 mm can be simulated. The module has been on the market since 2009 and has been continuously further developed since then.

As part of the latest further development, Smart Testsolutions has modified the software of the RDG-SIM in such a way that all four wheel speed sensors can be controlled with only one single command instead of four commands as before. Information transfer and processing are carried out in millisecond cycles. . “This dynamism makes our RDG-SIM wheel speed simulation module compatible for use in hardware-in-the-loop test benches. Remote control is still via CAN bus, so that you can easily add an RPM simulation to an existing HiL system, ”explains Wolfgang Neu, Managing Director of SMART TESTSOLUTIONS and responsible for the RPM simulation and RPM product group.

Regardless of this, the RDG-SIM is ideal for test applications where no complete HiL system is required. Here the RDG-SIM can be easily connected to a normal PC via the CAN bus interface and operated in manual mode or via scripting.

The RDG-SIM is available both as a single device in a desktop housing and as a 19-inch plug-in module. Older versions can be upgraded with the new software so that the new functionalities can also be used. The RDG-SIM is used for the development and testing of control units (ABS, ESP, etc.) and application software independent of real sensors, as well as for environment simulation on test benches, for example for chassis testing.

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