CVM Software

CVM software is designed to facilitate the process of data processing and analysis of Cell Voltage Monitoring Systems (CVMS). In this way, the CVM software helps to save considerable time and costs. The CVM is a real-time data acquisition system used to check the cell voltage of fuel cells, Li-ion batteries and electrolysers in real time. After the CVM measurement modules have connected to a computer system via CAN bus, LabView or USB, further processing of the measurement data can begin with CVM software. The measurement data has already been digitally prepared and pre-processed by a CVM measurement controller.

Functional scope of CVM software

The CVM software stores this data and presents it clearly in tables and diagrams. The user interface of CVM Software is intuitive and requires no programming knowledge. Several monitoring projects can be created and up to 4x180 individual measured values can be displayed simultaneously. In extensions to CVM Software, an interface for C/C++ can be set up if required and cell voltage monitoring can thus be controlled even more precisely.

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