CVM, or cell voltage monitoring, is a real-time data acquisition system that can be used to test and monitor the cell voltage of Li-ion batteries, fuel cells, electrolysers and other energy storage devices. Relevant measurement data for the CVM include, in particular, ageing, stack inhomogeneity and the water content of fuel cell systems. Depending on the measuring module used, the CVM also allows statements to be made about the cell temperature, which is particularly recommended when monitoring fuel cells.

Measuring instrument technology for CVM

The measuring devices used in the CVM can either process the cell voltage analysis data directly via the integrated controller and display it in real time or transmit it to a computer via CAN bus, LabView or USB. Processing and digitising the measurement data in real time has the advantage of considerably reducing interference. Thanks to the multi-channel design of the CVM modules, Cell Voltage Monitoring can monitor up to several thousand cell units simultaneously.

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