Breakout Boxes

Breakout boxes (BOB) are used to make the signals between two or more devices accessible without damaging the lines between the devices. They thus allow direct access to the pins of control units or other electronic vehicle components.

Applications­ of Breakout Boxes

Some BOBs are used to break any signal connection between two devices or components. Others, however, only interrupt selected signals that are usually monitored for testing or troubleshooting purposes. Still other breakout boxes allow signals to be input in addition to measurement and/or interruption.

The SMART TESTSOLUTIONS breakout boxes are as diverse as the fields of application. From the simple, low-pole breakout box to the complex individual breakout box with integrated measurement technology or BOB for signal and fault simulation - we supply the right solution for all requirements.

  • Facilitation of the development process

    When developing new products, BOBs allow for quick adaptation of connections and integration of new components without having to change the entire layout, for example. This makes the development process much easier.

  • Improvement of fault diagnosis

    In case of errors or problems, BOBs can be used to target specific signals and isolate errors. This significantly speeds up troubleshooting and saves time in identifying problems.

  • Access to signals in complex systems

    BOBs allow easy access to the signals of a complex system without affecting the internal connections. This is especially important for monitoring or testing the performance and functionality of a system.

  • Increasing efficiency and saving time

    The many advantages of using BOB make it a valuable tool for increasing efficiency and saving time in the development and testing process.

Smart Breakout Boxes

Breakout boxes are an indispensable tool in the development of test systems and in the testing of electronic automotive components. We have the right solution for all requirements. Learn more about the breakout boxes from SMART TESTSOLUTIONS.

Which Breakout Box is the right one for you?

Depending on the area of application, the requirements for the breakout box also change. For this purpose, we supply both mobile breakout boxes and stationary laboratory solutions in standard 19-inch technology.


Scope of application


Optional features

Mobile Breakout Boxes

Scope of application

Mobile use, for example on various test benches or in the engine compartment of vehicles


Robust housing suitable for use in the engine compartment; customised labelling; interchangeable labelling options.

Optional features

Individual connection of actuators and sensors; transport case for breakout box and accessories; special designs possible

Stationary Breakout Boxes

Scope of application

Laboratory use


19-inch enclosure for laboratory use; customised labelling, interchangeable labelling options.

Optional features

Individual connection of actuators and sensors

Customised production

We manufacture standard disconnect adapters from one-offs to small series to 100 per cent according to your design specifications. On request, we can take over the complete procurement of the control unit-specific parts.

Your partner for breakout boxes

For more than 15 years, we have been manufacturing breakout boxes especially for measuring and testing purposes in our Stuttgart factory. Our customers benefit from our technical expertise, which constantly contributes to the development of innovative and efficient products.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we now offer a wide range of high-quality breakout boxes that meet the needs of various industries and applications. Our breakout boxes are used by well-known customers in countries all around the world. Please contact us, we will be happy to advise you.

Use cases­ of our customers

MAN Truck & Bus AG

The engine test benches at MAN Truck & Bus in Nuremberg are used to carry out tests during development as well as release tests for new engines. Various variables are measured, such as exhaust gas values or temperatures. If a sensor delivers abnormal data during a test, troubleshooting begins. Then the developers need direct access to the individual sensor signals, which are continuously transmitted from the engine to the engine control unit during operation.
By using breakout boxes or disconnect adapters, various measurements can be carried out during operation without damaging the original wiring harness. Each signal can be individually tapped or interrupted at the breakout adapter. SMART TESTSOLUTIONS manufactures customer-specific standard disconnect adapters for MAN Truck & Bus, which can be used in harsh environments without any problems. The customer benefits from short delivery times.

SMART's disconnect adapters make our troubleshooting much easier. They allow us to take measurements on the wiring harness without having to disconnect cables. We rarely have failures and when we do, the repairs are done quickly.

Wolfgang Domeier, MAN Truck & Bus AG

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Do you have questions about breakout boxes or need help selecting the right BOB for your application? Then please get in touch with me and we will find the right solution for you.

Jörg Miller

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